Newsletter and database pricing, effective January 1, 2014

  1. Hospitals: Online only: $300/year
    Hospitals: Print + Online: $400/year
    Non hospitals: Online only, single log-in: $500/year
    Non hospitals: Print + Online, single log-in: $600/year

    Single issue PDF format: $250/each

    Find-a-Part Database Searches:
    100 searches: $100
    500 searches: $500
    1,000 searches: $1,000
    1,500 searches: $1,500
    2,000 searches: $2,000


    Special pricing/discounts for hospitals

    Hospitals that provide data on orthopedic cases to the Orthopedic Research Network "earn" discounts for access to the newsletter and databases. Please call Carolyn at 1-800-633-4931 to learn more.

    Hospital contact information

    Hospitals may reach us at the subscription office: 1-800-633-4931.

    Non-Hospital contact information

    Non-hospitals include suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, consultants, financial analysts, and research organizations. Because of the unique situations for each of these customers, custom packages of services are put together to address their specific needs. If you are not a hospital and wish to review the services available, please contact Jan Deaton at 574-265-7071 or