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Nexus In Texas Click here to watch (3:33)

In 2017, I received a notice from the Business Analysis Research Team (BART) of the Texas Comptrollers office that I owed 7 years back taxes because of my Nexus in Texas. This is the story of how I got nexus in Texas.

ICD movie


The History of ICD (2015) Click here to watch (23:00) Trailer (1:30)

The 10th revision to ICD (The International Classification of Disease) was implemented for US hospitals October 1, 2015. This video traces the history of ICD back to the Middle Ages, and the first revision to ICD (ICD-1) in 1900 in Paris.


OrthoSongs Presents Gary Michelson (2009) Click here to watch (1:58)

Ever wonder why Sofamor Danek's web-site has "Michelson Technology at Work" blasted all over it? Want to see how Gary Michelson's litigation against Medtronic turned him into one of the richest 400 Americans? To read about the process that led to Gary Michelson's wealth, click here click here, click and here (subscribers only).


Orthopedic Service Announcement (2005) Click here to watch (0:41)

Most of the developed nations of the world have a joint replacement registry, except the United States. Joint replacement registries are supposed to provide information on which implants and providers have better results than others.
To read some of the articles written about this, click here or here or here or here.

This short was a suggested "public service announcement" to encourage the participation of patients in such an project.
You may also listen to Hipregistryology by clicking here.


Mommy and Ashlee Go Shopping (2007) Click here to watch (1:37)

Guidant (now part of Boston Scientific) sued Aspen Healthcare Metrics (now part of Medassets) for divulging the prices that a hospital paid for CRM implants in 2004. This led to dueling lawsuits with ECRI, stories in the New York Times, and the introduction of a bill in Congress mandating pricing transparency for medical devices.
To read about this litigation, click here or here or here or here or here or here (Subscribers only).
This litigation also inspired the Guidant Litigation Rap (click here to listen)



Mobility Medics (2001)
Click here to watch movie (13:20)
Click here to watch Trailer (1:37)

Mobility Medics is the account of an automotive repair mechanic who enters into a "joint" venture with an orthopedic surgeon. "Patients" can have their cars repaired in one bay of the service station and their shoulder repaired in the other.


Implant America (2003)
Click here to watch movie (18:25)
Click here to watch Trailer (1:08)

What happens when implants are sold door to door? " Why wait until you desperately need an implant when you can have a preventative implant while you're perfectly healthy?" Why bother trying to schedule appointments with cardiovascular surgeons, urologists, orthopedic surgeons, when American Implants can handle all of that for you.


Ortho Films: Myth or Reality? (2005)
Click here to watch movie (22:00)
Click here to watch Trailer (1:22)

Professor Dickson Charles reviews the phenomenon of Orthopedic Films through film history. Clips of representative films from different "sub-genres" are shown including "Mobility Medics," "Implant America," "Fistful of Implants," "The Wrong Joint," and "The Explantor." Reaction from various "luminaries" and "ortho film fans" attest to their growing popularity in this tongue-in-cheek retrospective of the Ortho Films of the last century.

Ortho Films - Click poster to view movie clips